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Thai magic cup natural latex underwear has swept the country to redefine industry standards with comfort and health


According to a study of theWorld Health Organization, more than 60% of women have breast deformation, and the cause of breast disease is related to the underwear material. Part of the so-called underwear with the use of breast enhancement shape use hazardous materials hidden in the material, which greatly increases the incidence of female consumers. In order to improve women's health, global underwear manufacturers are also actively seeking new eco-friendly materialsto help women enhance their breast health through technological innovation.

Underwear brand Black Horse Goddess Thai emerges and Thai magic cup leads the trend of healthy underwear

The natural latex underwear brand headed by the Goddess Thai proposed the brand slogan of "Healthy and Naturally Breathing a Good Breast Shape". Because of the health and comfort of its materials, it has been well received in the international market and won the public praise and market share. The main product of Goddess Thai is Thai-style magic cup latex underwear (hereinafter referred to as "Thai-style magic cup") which uses high-quality natural milk collagen in Thailand, whose latex content is as high as 93%. It can prevent mites and inhibit bacteria, reaching the comfort and gathering degree that cannot be broken through by other latex underwear brands in the market at present.

Taking advantage of the rapid rise in the tuyere of the Thai magic cup is not an overnight success, behind it is the experience and ingenuity accumulated by the founding team over the years. Before the invention of the Thai-style magic cup of latex underwear, the founder of the Goddess Thai brand had rooted in the latex industry for many years. It can be said that the founders knew both underwear and latex, which became a key factor in the creation of the Thai magic cup. After several experiments, the magical effect of the cup has been recognized by scholars in the industry. In order for women around the world to benefit from the new type of healthy underwear, the founding team behind Goddess Thai hopes to push the product to more consumers and share cutting-edge technological achievements.

Combing the reasons for the success of the Thai-style magic cup, it is not difficult to find that its outstanding nine advantages can quickly capture the minds of consumers and quickly create a powerful natural latex underwear brand. All in all, the Thai-style magic cup has six characteristics in product design: "light breathing, light naked feeling, light sexy appeal, dreamy softness, magic bullet, more health". At the sales end, the Thai-style magic cup's three major characteristics of "easy transaction, strict quality control, high brand recognition" facilitated the transaction transformation of products, and achieved the consumption ecology of high transformation and high repurchase rate, whose market share has also climbed.

Thai magic cup natural latex underwear has swept the country to redefine industry standards with comfort and health

Independent foaming creates a light and breathable feel for an unrestrained freedom experience

As everyone knows, due to the lack of technical capabilities and other issues, modern underwear manufacturers often use injection molding cups in the production of underwear mold cups, resulting in mold cups that cannot be formed independently, whose fabric needs to be wrapped and shaped, so it is airtight. Wearing for a long time will not only produce stuffiness and sweating phenomenon, but also breed mites, which will pose a serious threat to women's health. The Thai-style magic cup is unique, with a latex honeycomb core and unique punching design. This physical foaming method has excellent breathability to quickly emit moisture and heat and let the chest breathe freely with a comfortable wearing experience.

Before designing the Thai-style magic cup, the product research and development team launched a questionnaire survey on female consumers, and the results showed that more than 80% of women did not recognize traditional steel ring underwear, because they felt that the experience of wearing was poor. Therefore, in the design of the Thai-style magic cup, creating a "light naked feeling" has become the focus of the brand's work. The latex mould cup of the Thai-style magic cup is 6.7 grams, and the independent foam molding feature makes it less than one-fifth the weight of other underwear mold cups. The rimless Thai-style magic cup is truly rimless and ultra-light, which can promote blood circulation in the chest and bring a free-standing experience.

Many traditional underwears use steel rings to enhance the gathering effect, which is harmful to breast health. The Thai magic cup has no steel ring, but can easily gather the chest, whose ultra-thin cup characteristics make the underwear fit the curve of the chest and concentrate the breast. And the Thai-style magic cup does not care the chest type and does not run the cup, adapting to all types of figure. Before the product was launched, the brand had invited several women with different breast shapes to try on the Thai-style magic cup, and the results were well received, leaving a good impression on consumers.

Thai magic cup natural latex underwear has swept the country to redefine industry standards with comfort and health

360 degree magic rebound of water soft fabric whose fiture of getting rid of acarid obtains authoritative certification

Softness is an important characteristic of underwear. From the very beginning, the Thai-style magic cup has been positioned as "dream softness", that is, a dreamy soft feeling. Whether it is a gentle magic cup or water-soft fabric, the Thai-style magic cup can fit the chest shape, tenderly care for female breasts, and bring enjoyment like a cloud like cotton candy. Because of its super softness, the Thai magic cup's elasticity is the best in the industry. The 360-degree curl will not be deformed. Whether it is folded in half or twisted into a twist, the Thai-style magic cup can quickly rebound. The strong elasticity makes the magic cup will not deform in machine washing or hand washing.

The cup also gives satisfactory answers to the health concerns of female consumers. Thai-style magic cup conforms to textile GB18401 and other national standards, and passed the natural latex underwear cup antibacterial test, lining antibacterial test, underwear mold anti-mite test. The Thai-style magic cup certified by SGS can fully prevent mites and bacteria whose latex content has reached 93% disclosed in the publicity.

Strict quality control results in excellent quality and unified logo ensures genuine products made in Thailand

Based on the deep consumer insight and years of research and development experience, the Thai magic cup once launched to usher in a sales boom. Miss Liu from Hunan became the first batch of Thai-style magic cup consumer. "When the product was launched, I was attracted by the characteristics of natural latex and strong elasticity. After going home for a while, I felt comfortable for a long time, and the shape of the chest is far better than other similar products. " After becoming a loyal fan of the Thai godder, Miss Liu not only continued to buy Thai Goddess products, but also "got rid of" underwear products at home. So I simply replaced all the underwear in my wardrobe with Thai goddess products, hoping to improve my health management."

Miss Liu is just the tip of the iceberg among the Thai-style magic cup consumers. It is reported that a few months after the launch of the Thai-style magic cup, it has gained a reputation throughout the country and won a group of young female loyal fans. The Thai-style magic cup has strict product quality control. It only selects 5% of the best production areas in southern Thailand and focuses on 25-year-old golden tree sap, which is known as healthy plant milk. In order to ensure the quality of the latex solution, the production team cut the latex at 4 to 5 am every day in order to saturate the latex concentration.

Because milk collagen is extremely active, any subtle changes in external factors will affect its quality. Thai goddess abandons off-site factory production and sets up the R & D center and production base in Thailand, strictly controlling the freshness of the original liquid, thereby ensuring that each mold cup of Thai-style latex underwear is made in Thailand. In order to achieve a unified logo, every mold of the magic cup is printed with a steel seal made in Thailand to prevent consumers from buying fake products.

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