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TAINVSHEN Latex Underwear Advocates Natural Health and Helps Women in the World to Bring up Good Chest Shape


Born in Shanghai, Zhang Xuan has been addicted to dancing since childhood. Years of dance training have made her have an admirable body figure. Whenever Zhang Xuan puts on a gorgeous dance suit, the graceful and exquisite body curve can always attract the audience's eyes and receive numerous warm applause. As an excellent dancer, Zhang Xuan is very strict with her figure management. In addition to making a low-calorie diet plan, she also buys shaping underwear to maintain her graceful figure.

The pain in the chest muscles of the dancing goddess was caused by the shaping underwear with steel rings.

In July this year, Zhang Xuan suddenly discovered severe pain in her left chest during a dance performance." At first, I thought it was the intensity of the performance that led to physical fatigue. But after returning home, no matter sitting or lying down, I can feel the chest muscles are pricked like needles, and the pain is unbearable." In the next month, Zhang Xuan, suffering from pain every day, realized that this was not simply the pain caused by physical fatigue. Accompanied by her family, she came to Shanghai's well-known 3A hospital for examination.

Doctor Ye, who has many years of working experience, is the attending physician of the hospital. She helped Zhang Xuan to carry out a thorough physical examination. "The patient not only suffered from chest deformation, but also internal mass formation, which is not optimistic." After communication, doctor Ye judged that Zhang Xuan's illness was caused by wearing unhealthy shaping underwear for a long time.

TAINVSHEN Latex Underwear Advocates Natural Health and Helps Women in the World to Bring up Good Chest Shape

"The shaping underwear worn by the patient is fixed with a steel bracket. When the underwear moves up, it will compress the breast tissue, which will affect lymph reflux in the long run and cause a large amount of toxins to be generated in the breast vesicles. This kind of steel-bracket type underwear, worn for a long time, will not only cause chest muscle pain, but also lead to breast cancer in serious cases." Doctor Ye said that every year, the hospital receives a large number of patients with breast diseases. More than 80% of the patients suffer from diseases caused by sweltering underwear materials and compression of chest shapes caused by steel rings.

It is understood that due to technical reasons, at present, many underwear manufacturers in the market produce underwear cups wrapped with cloth. In order to reduce the cost, the materials are often airtight, posing a serious threat to women's health. So, how to choose the right healthy underwear, naturally adjust the beautiful chest shape and stay away from breast diseases? Doctor Ye said that today, latex underwear can prevent mites and inhibit bacteria. High quality latex underwear has strong sense of comfort and gathering degree, which can not only meet the needs of women to adjust their chest shape, but also keep away from disease interference.

"The rubber and protease components in latex can inhibit bacteria and allergens, and the elasticity of natural rubber dairy products is incomparable to other materials. The soft touching sense can fit the curve of women's breast properly and adjust naturally according to women's breast shape." Doctor Ye said that the value of natural latex has long been recognized by world-class scholars. In developed countries in Europe and the United States, natural latex is regarded as "Plant milk", which belongs to a rare natural material, because each rubber tree can only produce 30ml of latex juice every day.

Natural latex underwear has become the favorite of the market. Natural material is breathable, sweat absorption and easy to gather breast shape

Is latex underwear so amazing? The reporter visited the underwear brands in the market and found that among the current latex underwear, the natural latex underwear led by TAINVSHEN was favored by consumers. Thai magic cup latex underwear (hereinafter referred to as Thai magic cup), the star product of TAINVSHEN selects Thailand's high-quality natural latex stock solution as the raw material, with the latex content as high as 93%, creating a unique sense of comfort, and forming a high degree of convergence that other traditional underwear and latex underwear cannot achieve.

TAINVSHEN Latex Underwear Advocates Natural Health and Helps Women in the World to Bring up Good Chest Shape

According to the founder of the Thai goddess brand, the natural latex stock solution used by the TAINVSHEN is very exquisite, all of which are original rubber tree stock solution from southern Thailand. "Southern Thailand is a world-famous rubber producing area, with 5% of the world's rubber producing areas are concentrated in the area. In order to ensure the high quality of materials, the TAINVSHEN strictly selects rubber trees with 25 years of golden age and only collects high-quality latex stock solution at the best time of 3-5 a.m." It is based on high-quality Thailand-origin natural latex stock solution and unique formula technology of TAINVSHEN, so that the effect of sterilization and mite suppression of Thai magic cup has been recognized by experts in the industry and Thai magic cup has obtained SGS authoritative certification.

Xiao Dan, 26, works in a well-known foreign company as a financial manager. She is a loyal fan of the TAINVSHEN brand. "I used to like to wear traditional underwear with steel rings inside, but after a long time I found chest pain and I felt uncomfortable. Moreover, sponge underwear has poor air permeability and is prone to yellowing. I have tried all kinds of cleaning agents and cannot wash away the traces of yellowing. Later, my friend told me that if you don't clean thoroughly, mites and bacteria will breed and endanger your health. "

After learning about the natural latex underwear of TAINVSHEN, Xiao Dan bought a preferential three-piece suit with the mentality of giving it a try. "The Thai magic cup is made of natural latex, and the weight of the cup is very light, only 6.7g, without the shackles of the steel ring, and it is free to wear. And the honeycomb-type air hole of the latex can quickly send out moisture." After wearing the Thai magic cup for a month, Xiao Dan obviously felt more comfortable during walking every day, and her chest muscles were not as swollen and painful as they used to be bound by steel rings. "The natural rubber material is softer than I imagined. It's light and empty, just like the second layer of skin, it can fit my breast naturally and adjust the breast shape suitable for me."

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