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The Story of Tainvshen Brand

This is the story of a romantic encounter.

In 2013, he has been deeply involved in the latex industry for many years and met a young French-Chinese designer. She, whohas been engaged in underwear design, knows many problems that sponge underwear brings to the female breast. After two collisions, they found that the latex's natural anti-mite antibacterial, light and breathable properties are more suitable for becoming underwear materials. So he teamed up with her to develop patented technology for replacing sponges with latex. In the cooperation, the two of them shared tacit understanding, and each other had a feeling of affection, and he regarded her as the goddess in his heart.

But on the eve of the final breakthrough, the goddess returned to Europe to visit relatives, and the two lost touch. He searched in vain. After many years, product research and development finally broke the hard times. He resolutely named the brand "TAINVSHEN", and determined to find her again.

He integrated her taste and extreme pursuit of "light living" into TAINVSHEN products. He selected the rubber trees in the south of Thailand, inherited the magic energy brought by natural latex, and persisted in exploring and studying women's underwear. He worked with leading latex research and design institutions in Thailand and Europe to reshape the underwear industry and influence the global underwear market. "TAINVSHEN " will be accompanied by more new era women, with a lighter quality of life experience.

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